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Love as Passion

These a few notes and reflections on the early chapters of Luhmann’s Love as Passion: The Codification of Intimacy (English translation, 1986). Marriage based on love, or the love marriage, evolved to solve a particular social problem. It isn’t just … Continue reading

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Unintended Consequences, continued

Here is an interesting case of unintended consequences. In the US, illegal immigrants may file federal tax returns. Apparently about 4.5 million undocumented immigrants do so. There is an obvious incentive to file: a chance to get a refund. Johnson … Continue reading

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Some tentative, half-formed thoughts . . . As Hans-Georg Moeller writes in The Radical Luhmann, Luhmann addressed the ancient mind/body problem by posing a triad–social system-psychic system-biological system (or society-mind-body). These are different kinds of autopoietic systems, and each is the … Continue reading

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Shared post from Larval Subjects

The following is a shared post from the Larval Subject blog. I was most interested in what Levi says here about affect and passion, as I’ve been trying to understand this problem recently, though the whole post is great. This … Continue reading

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Notes on “Being Affected: Spinoza and The Psychology of Emotion.”

Notes on Steven D. Brown & Paul Stenner (2001). “Being Affected: Spinoza and The Psychology of Emotion.” International Journal of Group Tensions, Vol. 30, No. 1. The apparent conviction within psychology, demonstrated by endless debates between physiological psychologists and cognitivists, naturalists and constructionists, that emotions … Continue reading

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In press | Management and functional differentiation

Source: In press | Management and functional differentiation

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More thoughts on complexity

I found this comment posted on the Niklas Luhmann Group to be very helpful: A system can only be less complex than the environment otherwise it couldn’t make a difference between itself and the environment. But by reducing complexity the … Continue reading

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