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International Law in a Post-Post-Cold War World

This post is related to previous posts on the legal system, as well as the political system. Notes on “International Law in a Post-Post-Cold War World—Can It Survive? Current Challenges to International Law” by Alison Pert (2017). All quotes are … Continue reading

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The Legal System and Property Rights

This is more global brain wave research. When looking deeper into the legal system, in addition to human rights, another 2-gram we can look at is property rights. Rights and property were among the five terms used to chart the legal … Continue reading

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Duties & Rights

This post attempts to continue the global brain research. Under stratified social order, duties are far more important than rights. In stratified society, duties come along with social strata, as the nobility were obligated to protect the peasants, among other duties. Noblesse … Continue reading

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Coding/programming & form/content

Levi at Larval Subjects wrote: I once knew a person who had been raised as a rightwing Christian fundamentalist, a real true believer, and that then became a Marxist atheist in college. The curious thing was that while the content … Continue reading

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Politics, War, and Law

This research thread is related to the recently published article on “Futures of a distributed memory: A global brain wave measurement (1800–2000)“. Consider these two Google Books ngrams, which represent the top words associated with the political system and the … Continue reading

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Human rights and global law

This post is related to the global brain research. In Law as a Social System, Luhmann wrote, Among the most important indicators of global legal system is the increasing attention paid to the violation of human rights. (482) There was … Continue reading

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More thoughts on complexity

I found this comment posted on the Niklas Luhmann Group to be very helpful: A system can only be less complex than the environment otherwise it couldn’t make a difference between itself and the environment. But by reducing complexity the … Continue reading

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