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Journalism and Public Opinion

Journalism, as an autopoietic system, established its autonomy in the eighteenth century by separating itself from the political system. In the early years of newspapers, printers simply printed content that powerful gentlemen paid them to print, usually political information to be read … Continue reading

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Call X a function system

Instead of following the practice of ontology and saying “X is a function system,” we might state it is an injunction: “Call journalism a function system.” If we follow that injunction, what follows? If systems theory, as part of the science … Continue reading

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George Spencer-Brown and Journalism

The following are two disconnected sections from a paper I’ve been trying to write for a long time now. The draft still needs work, but I thought I should post something since I haven’t posted anything for a while: Luhmannian systems … Continue reading

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Journalism in the Next Society

More tentative thoughts on journalism as a function system. In the Next Society (see Dirk Baecker) information is abundant and is therefore shared. Those who have enough share with those who do not have enough. Information is not a scarce commodity … Continue reading

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