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Resonance capability, continued

This post continues a line of thinking from previous posts on affect and resonance capability. Affect is all about resonance capability. For instance, in teaching we say we want students to “relate to” or connect with the course content. We want … Continue reading

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Love as Passion

These a few notes and reflections on the early chapters of Luhmann’s Love as Passion: The Codification of Intimacy (English translation, 1986). Marriage based on love, or the love marriage, evolved to solve a particular social problem. It isn’t just … Continue reading

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Response to Paul Stenner’s article on Emotion and Luhmann

After some discussion and further reading, I now see some of what I say here as confused, but I will leave the post here. Paul Stenner published a very interesting, very clearly written article in 2004 titled “Is Autopoietic Systems Theory … Continue reading

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