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Art as the reactivation of eliminated possibilities

Art redeems possibilities from oblivion. As Luhmann argues, What art aspires to could . . . be described as the reactivation of eliminated possibilities. . . . Art points out that the scope of the possible is not exhausted and … Continue reading

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Communication Design

Some brief thoughts and notes on communication design. What is communication design? According to Tyler R. Harrison, Communication scholars are constantly engaged in the process of design. For example, we work to create better systems for patient-provider communication, to improve interaction … Continue reading

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Expectation and Affect

Causality is attributive. Observing systems attribute effects to causes. Luhmann’s ideas on expectation schemata (or expectational structures) are relevant here. Causality isn’t simply linear. Attribution can be retrospective or anticipatory. We look at something that has occurred and attribute a preceding … Continue reading

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Affect & Resonanzfähigkeit

Sara Ahmed (2010) describes affect as “sticky.” Affect is what sticks, or what sustains or preserves the connection between ideas, values, and objects. . . .[If] you are given something by somebody whom you love, then the object itself acquires … Continue reading

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Notes on the Affective Turn

Though affect has often been conflated with emotion, affect, at least according to Brian Massumi is not emotion. But Stenner, drawing on Spinoza, does not make such a sharp distinction. In the growing literature of the ‘affective turn’, affect is often … Continue reading

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So-Called System Failure

The only way an autopoietic system can fail is if it stops reproducing itself. Instrumental purposes are constructed by another observing system. What we might consider success for a system, such the education system transforming all human beings into persons, … Continue reading

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Die blanke Waffe — The Catjects Project

Mit der Wahl von Donald J. Trump zum 45. Präsidenten der USA legt die wählende Bevölkerung Amerikas – eine Mehrheit der Wahlmänner, keine Mehrheit der Wahlbürger – die blanke Waffe auf den Tisch… Weiterlesen, in der Neuen Zürcher Zeitung vom … Continue reading

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