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Journalism in the Next Society

More tentative thoughts on journalism as a function system. In the Next Society (see Dirk Baecker) information is abundant and is therefore shared. Those who have enough share with those who do not have enough. Information is not a scarce commodity … Continue reading

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Journalistic Autonomy

If we can speak of journalism as an autopoietic system, which might be more useful than discussing or theorizing the (very broad, amorphous) mass media system, we might look at the rise of concern with journalistic autonomy in the following ngrams: … Continue reading

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Journalism as a function system

Luhmann, of course, wrote a book on the mass media system; however, he came to this subject late in his career and the book has flaws. To begin, the concept of mass media is extremely broad, probably too broad to … Continue reading

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The Mass Media’s Public

The public is a creation of the mass media system. The mass media system, which began with the invention of the printing press, has one function: to distinguish between new information and what is already known (or non-information). In this … Continue reading

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More thoughts on structural coupling

In structural coupling, it is structures, not systems, that do the coupling. Autopoiesis alone cannot account for structural change. So the question that arises is, how can an autopoietic system evolve? How can politics, or any autopoietic system, adapt to … Continue reading

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Time is not a simple fact or universal given. It is a schema used for reducing system complexity, and every system has its own sense of time. Observation can occur in three dimensions: factual, social, and temporal.

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