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Luhmannian Theory and Network Society Theory

This is an excerpt of a paper I am working on. There are many versions of systems theory and, obviously, not all systems theorists follow the Luhmannian approach. Many systems theorists study the linkages between people and information and communication technology (ICT) … Continue reading

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George Spencer-Brown (2.4.1923-25.8.2016) — systemagazin

Im hohen Alter von 93 Jahren ist George Spencer-Brown am 25. August gestorben. Berühmtheit hat der britische Mathematiker durch sein Hauptwerk Laws of Form erlangt, deren wichtigster Rezipient Niklas Luhmann war, der auf der Differenztheorie Spencer-Browns seine eigene soziologische Theorie … Continue reading

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How does the economy communicate with itself?

The economy communicates with itself, not with human beings or companies. But how? Here is a discussion of the question, What Does the Price System Communicate? One quote is Prices communicate relative scarcities. Prices are the symbolic communication medium of the economic … Continue reading

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System Operations and Human Motives

When we say that social systems have their own cognitive capacity that is qualitatively different from the cognition of human beings, we mean social systems carry out operations that do not arise directly from human motives. For instance, the legal … Continue reading

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The family and the law

Segmentation is the oldest form of social organization. Human families, clans, and tribes have lived together for a few million years. Modern functional differentiation (global society split into functional subsystems of politics, law, economy, education, mass media, science, healthcare, sport, … Continue reading

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What Is Holding Societies Together?

We can only think in terms society falling apart if we start with the assumption that society is a whole consisting of parts, which it is not. What we call society is an observation, and every observation has a horizon. … Continue reading

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Dirk Baecker’s Sociology of Culture and Art

I have been reading and thinking a lot about political theory, even though I often find it very dry and depressing. And I find the current state of American politics particularly depressing. So I am turning to other areas of … Continue reading

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