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All politics reduces complexity

I wrote a post a while back on Trump and the Denial of Complexity; however, I may have been a little unfair in focusing only on Trump because politics in general reduces environmental complexity. Any successful system reduces complexity. One … Continue reading

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Religion’s self-observation as noncontingent

The religious system describes itself as noncontingent. Thus, a sincerely religious person will find it very difficult to agree with the arguments of social systems theory, which says that religion is just one contingent social system among others. Systems observe … Continue reading

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The fortunes of religion and economics in modernity

This Google Ngram search shows that the word economics (a representative term from the economy function system) emerged in about 1880 and started a rapid rise in about 1905. It declined from 1940 to about 1945–the World War II years–then regained it … Continue reading

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On Reality in the World of Law

In the Introduction to Autopoietic Law:  A New Approach to Law and Society (1988) Gunther Teubner writes, According to Luhmann . . .  the basic  units of a legal system are neither, as lawyers are used to describing them, legal norms, nor, as … Continue reading

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David Brooks on politics, character, and Trump

I like reading and listening to David Brooks. I  don’t agree with everything he says, but at least he has common sense and integrity and he writes well. His arguments are also interesting when analyzed from a Luhmannian perspective. In … Continue reading

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The Mediatized Co-Mediatizer, or Homo medialis

In “The Mediatized Co-Mediatizer: Anthropology in Niklas Luhmann’s World,” published in Zygon: Journal or Religion and Science (2012), Young Bin Moon proposes to rename everything in terms of media; such an enterprise I name media theology and its underlying framework an extended … Continue reading

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Moeller’s “Luhmann Explained”

I’m enjoying reading Hans-Georg Moeller’s Luhmann Explained, just as a I enjoyed The Radical Luhmann. I appreciate the clarity of the prose and all the examples Moeller provides. This is one thing that makes Luhmann so hard to read–he doesn’t … Continue reading

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